Student Council

The Student Council is the formal student-led governing body of the school. The student council has three important roles: to voice the opinions, ideas and concerns of the student body to school faculty, to train students in leadership and to aid various school organizations in planning, communication and implementation of events.

Saint Vivekanand Sr. Sec Public School student council consists of the following elected positions: President, Vice President, and homeroom representatives. Within the representative members, two members are elected as a Secretary and a Communications Officer. Elections are held at the beginning of the school year. Interested students submit their name and application to the Student Council advisor. Students who are presidential candidates will make campaign speeches in an all secondary school assembly. Ballots are cast after the assembly. Final elections for the representative positions will be completed by the end of August.

Student Council meets weekly to plan activities, to discuss and debate proposals, and to vote on resolutions. Agendas are student initiated and organized by the President and Vice President of the council. Members strive to make the school a vibrant place as they promote initiatives, build relationships with the school community and raise awareness about local and global concerns.