The aim of our curriculum is to develop the talent of each individual student. The curriculum is comprehensive and puts the student through valuable areas of experience. Each child's progress is closely monitored and there is regular assessment of the pupil's learning which is communicated to the parents.


A development curriculum is followed in the primary and middle stage. It is recognized here that every child needs to “experience and experiment “. The curriculum presents the essential concept of the subjects of study in as simple a manner as possible. Emphasis is laid on acquiring learning skills. Time and attention are also given to develop the habits and attitudes through moral education. The teaching learning process at primary and middle levels is carefully planned to provide an all round development so that the student is ready for more intense and serious work at the secondary and the senior secondary levels.


At this level the students are prepared for All India Secondary Examination in subjects they have chosen and strictly according to the rules and regulations of CBSE, New Delhi.